COMSCAN TSCM And Wireless Security Corp.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps) and Wireless Security

TSCM Solutions for the detection and removal of illicit eavesdropping and tracking devices. We conduct comprehensive Bug Sweeps, Searches and Technical Checks for all types of illicit devices.

COMSCAN TSCM has a simple philosophy: “Our customers come first. We provide a comprehensive service at competitive rates to ensure a favourable and equitable outcome.”

What separates us from the majority of other providers is we are TSCM specialists. 


We Work With All Sectors




About Us

We are based in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. We conduct Bug Sweeps where needed. 

Our Mission is to protect your privacy from illicit eavesdropping devices. Our motto is, “Protecting Your Business is Our Business”. We carry out our assignments in a thorough manner. Our clients come first. We target areas of concern on a case by case basis.  Our equipment is state of the art and comprehensive.


We detect and locate:

  • hidden transmitters
  • hidden cameras
  • covert voice recorders
  • wiretaps
  • tracking devices
  • off limits cell phones
  • ATM and Gas Pump Card Skimmers

We work directly with our clients and:

  • Executive protection teams
  • Investigation firms
  • Lawyers 
  • In house security

Safeguards and Countermeasures From Eavesdropping Attacks

Office & Board Room Sweep

Businesses of all sizes have proprietary, marketing, Research & Development, Manufacturing Data and HR Related issues should be kept secret.

Off Site Business Meetings

Businesses are more vulnerable to attacks when conducting off site meetings, conferences and negotiations.

Home Office

Whether you are a corporate employee working from home or a private business owner, you need to protect data for your business and your clients.


For clients who are involved in legal disputes or have reason to believe their privacy or private data is under threat, we provide an effective sweep of your home.


We can provide secure environment for our clients to communicate freely in their vehicles through detection and removal of GPS Trackers and Audio Listening Devices to keep their location and communications private.

Hotels and Vacation Rentals

There is a growing trend of video voyeurism in the Hotel, Air BNB and Vacation Rental Properties sectors. We can secure these and similar sites against electronic eavesdropping including hidden video cameras.

High grade equipment and physical search methods to meet your objectives.

Our equipment detects:

Radio Frequency Transmissions from Very Low Frequency to Super High Frequency Bands and Powered Off Devices:

GSM, Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G

WiFi 2.4 GHz 5.0 GHz and new 6GHz Bands

GPS Trackers

BLE Trackers

Bluetooth and BLE Devices

DECT Devices

Wired Devices

Voice Recorders

Covert Video Cameras

Bluetooth Card Skimmers

We can detect and locate devices whether they are active or inactive and often provide our clients with detailed information related to any transmissions detected.